Bass Guitar Strings With A Classic Warm Rich Tone

Bass Guitar Strings With A Classic Warm Rich Tone

If you're looking for bass guitar strings with a classic warm rich tone, look no further than the D'Addario EXL160's.

You'll get that fat, rumble that you hear from so many of the best players in the studio. Thanks to the nickel roundwound assembly, they not only give the deep growl so many musicians want, but you'll also get versatility in your sound.

They are budget friendly also usually priced less than $20. Many roundwounds are tough on the fingers, but I've found that these are easy on hands and don't produce blisters. This can be a big deal if you're a new player with soft hands or out playing long and steady gigs.

I prefer these because they're a great all around product. They're well made, last a long time and the sound is what I love to hear from my instrument.

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