This is me in the distant past playing my 1964 Precision

My names Jerry Patterson and I’m a bass player. I’ve been playing bass for a long time and have played everything from Fender Precisions to well, you name it.

I love and am fascinated by bass guitars and bass amps. I’m a fan of many different bass players and am always looking to get a certain sound. Half the fun of playing bass is not only improving your technique, but attaining a tone that you’ve just heard.

I’ve played many different types of music including rock, blues, country, latin and bluegrass. I’m playing in a band in Northern California now that plays what I would call blues rock.

You’ll find reviews, recommendations, opinions and whatever comes to mind on this site.

I dedicate this site to helping others find the right bass guitar and amp based on my own experience and others that I trust. I hope you enjoy my website.