Amp Ramp Amplifier Tilt Wedge

Amp Ramp Amplifier Tilt Wedge

The amp ramp amplifier tilt wedge is a pretty cool answer to aiming your bass amplifier, speaker box or monitor at an angle that gives you the best sound projection.

Support comes from wooden and plastic inserts. It's made out of black nylon. Your desired shape is easy to form and formed by strips of hooks and loops.

This is a great addition to your gig bag if you play where you aren't on a stage or having to set up on the floor. You can angle your amplifier up 30 degrees so you'll get a better projection of sound.

I like this product because it's small, (8"x6.5") and folds flat. It doesn't take up much room in your gig bag. It's also strong supporting an amplifier, monitor or speaker box weighing up to 50 pounds. We play a regular gig at a pub with no stage and this gives my sound more projection. Great for bass and guitar.

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