Wireless Bass Guitar Digital Transmitter

Wireless Bass Guitar Digital Transmitter

The wireless bass guitar digital transmitter by Mefe is definitely top of the line.

If you're tired of tripping over your cord or stepping on it, this will free you up. I've stepped on cords in the dark and it's not a good thing. Cords are fragile and it seems like they'll start buzzing and even quit when you least expect it.

If you like to move while playing, this is a must. One of the reviewers said it played great when he was 225 feet away. What? Playing with out a cord gives you freedom to dance, walk, run or whatever.

I like the rechargeable battery that's built in. It has a USB plug for charging and it's good for 5 hours. Even if you aren't a player that's all over the stage, this is a nice addition that gives you one less thing to worry about(your cord shorting out).

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