How To Easily Change Your Bass Strings Fast

Many bass players don't change their strings as often as they should. This results in dirty strings that can sound flat and lose their bright sound. This post will help you see how to easily change your bass strings fast. Changing strings isn't difficult, but bass strings can last a long time and you forget how to do it when you only change them every year or so. I hope this helps you change them quickly and efficiently.

Supplies Needed

SIT Medium Light Bass Guitar Strings

D'addario Bass Guitar Combination String Winder and Cutter


Step by Step Instructions

It's not recommended that you remove all of the old strings at once. Replace one string at a time so that you don't affect the neck tension.

Choose one of the strings and turn the peg loosening the string and then pull it through the bridge of the guitar to remove it.

Pull the new string through the bridge and cut the string about 2 inches past the post where you'll be attaching it. Cut the string with your wire cutters. Turn the peg so that the slot will be perpendicular to the string. The idea behind the perpendicular direction is that it's easier to bend the string around the post. Stick the end of the string into the top of the post hole. Hold the string down with your thumb and start turning the tuning peg. Turn the peg until the string is tight on the post to where you don't have to hold the string to keep it secure. Tune the string using your tuner.

Do the same thing for the other three strings. When all four strings are on, go to somewhere around the 12th fret and pull the strings. Pull them easily to the side to stretch them. Tune the guitar again. Keep doing this until the strings stay in tune.

I'll admit that I rarely changed my bass strings in the past. However, I noticed that when I did, the strings felt better and definitely sounded brighter and seemed to even have better sustain. If you haven't changed your strings in a few years, I strongly advise you to follow the simple instructions and do it. The strings aren't expensive and you'll be happy with the result.

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