Bass And Guitar Plug-In Headphone Amp

Bass And Guitar Plug-In Headphone Amp

This bass and guitar plug-in headphone amp will give you an easy way to practice or warm up that features a clean sound with a punch.

Along with a clean sound, you can also adjust it to achieve a near reverb effect and even a low and nasty growl. It doesn't require batteries, but instead comes with a USB charging cable.

If you've got thin walls or live close to your neighbors, this is the answer for practicing in the middle of the night and still getting a great sound.

I like this little guy for many reasons, but not dealing with batteries is right up there. I found that a USB charge is good for at least four hours. I can also warm up before a gig and not get in the way of the other players. There is a lot to like with this mighty boy and the price is right too.

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