Deluxe Jazz And Precision Fender Bass Guitar Case

Deluxe Jazz And Precision Fender Bass Guitar Case

The deluxe Jazz and Precision Fender bass guitar case will protect your instrument while flying or doing any type of travel.

The deluxe molding and strong outer shell will give you the kind of instrument protection you're looking for. The plush interior is designed to protect the neck under even the worst transportation conditions. A very cool feature is the rubberized edge that gives it stability so that the chances of falling over when you set it down are greatly reduced.

If you're concerned about damage to the neck and body of your instrument, this is the ultimate product. You've probably heard horror stories about instrument damage when being handled by airline employees. This product is well designed to minimize that possibility.

The product is TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved. You can fly without concerns and even rough handling, such as being thrown into a car, etc. will no longer be a problem. I've spent serious money on my instrument and beyond that, I'm attached to it. I was looking for protection beyond a gig bag and this one was the answer.

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