Korg GA-50 Bass Guitar Tuner

Korg GA-50 Bass Guitar Tuner

The Korg GA-50 bass guitar tuner has long been considered a top quality tuning device for stringed instruments.

This updated product has a larger and more readable display with the note names even easier to read than before. There are modes for guitar and bass and it works great for five and six string instruments.

You'll get a great sound with this easy to use item whether you're a veteran player or a beginner. A nice feature if you're playing gigs is that you can run a line from your instrument to this device and also a cable to your amp. You'll always know if you're in tune or not.

I like the fact that I can trust it to be right on the money at all times. It's also really cool that you'll get around 135 hours out of the two AAA batteries and it has an automatic shutoff in case you forget.

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