Bass Guitar Wall Hanger Display

Bass Guitar Wall Hanger Display

This bass guitar wall hanger display will allow you to get your instrument off the ground, hang it, and show if off safely at almost any angle.

The mounts come with durable foam rubber grips that will keep your beloved axe free from scratches. The anchors that are included are "self drilling" which makes installation easier and the fit stronger. The wood is dense and won't crack or fall apart.

This product is made specifically for electric instruments, so it will hold your favorite Fender, Gibson or whatever, firmly and without scratches or any surface damage. You can get that "Hard Rock Cafe" look when you hang your instruments up. The look is great and you can hang them at any angle from 15 to 90 degrees.

I like the way my instruments look hanging in my living room. Don't all musicians look on their axe as a work of art? When you hold and play your instrument, there is very little stress put on the neck. It's the same with these mounts. The stress is on the body and this reduces the possibility of warping that you may get from regular stands and mounts.

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