Black Bass Guitar Glove Two Pack

Black Bass Guitar Glove Two Pack

There are many reasons to use this black bass guitar glove two pack which fits both hands as part of your gig bag.

This product is designed for medical problems, blister pain, sore fingers and cold weather playing. They are thin and made of woven nylon for comfort when playing and you'll get good wear out of them.

I first saw these being worn by top bassist, Scott Devine. He wore them because he suffers from "Focal Dystonia" or "Musicians Dystonia". They're great if you play an outdoors gig where it's cold and your fingers aren't doing what you want them to.

I played a gig with a new band and had to learn all of their songs in a few days. This resulted in some blisters since my hands weren't used to playing for hours. The glove enabled me to continue practicing and gave my left hand some relief. You get two identical gloves which can be used by either hand.

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